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Servicios de la plataforma

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Web Services


Web services

  • Management of CV. You have available a space to store as many CV and covering letters that you consider necessary. You can chose how much of your CV is made visible in employer searches. You can print it directly from the portal or send it by e-mail.
  • Register to see job offers. Select which CV and covering letter you want to use for each job offer


  • Advanced search of job offers
    • Search by key word, location or category
    • Specify all your preferences
    • Save your preferences and will receive employment offers based on this by email
  • Application progress: you can see the status of all your current applications


  • Which companies have seen your CV We will send you the details of the companies which have looked at your CV.


  • Increase the visibility of your CV We can place your CV in a better position


  • Your opinion